Welcome back to Papa’s series games! Papa’s Hot Doggeria just released. The series of Papa’s Louis games is very popular. Many people like to play them such as Papa’s Burgeria, Papa’s Freezeria, Papa’s Taco Mia!, Papa’s Wingeria and the newest : Papa’s Hot Doggeria. The new feature of this version, you are able to save your games and other awesome features waiting you discover.

Papa’s Louies has a new restaurant at Griller Stadium. Taylor and Peggy need your help to run Papa’s Hot Doggeria. The other new of this version, you can create a custom worker.

How to create a custom worker ?
Click on the custom worker Menu, edit or change your own custom worker follow the list below :
1.Type your name in the text box.
2. Choose the gender.
3. Edit Skin color – 9 options.
4. Edit Eye type – 8 options.
5. Edit Eye Look – 9 options.
6. Edit Mouth Look – 21 options.
7. Edit Hair Color – 15 options.
8. Edit Hair – 41 options.
9. Edit Facial Hair – 16 options.
10. Edit Extras – 5 options.
11. Change Eye Position.
12 Change Eye Spacing.
13. Change Mouth Position.
14. Change Neck Length.
15. Change Head Position.
16. Change Head Size.

Are you ready for the first day working ?

You will copy down each order of the customer’s onto the ticket. Switch to the Grill Statioin to start cooking a hot dog…The customer wants a Hot Dog. Drag a raw hot dog onto an empty spot on the grill.

After grill the Hot Dog, switch to Build Station to add the topping and condiments.

The Customer wants a popcorn and drink, so you must move to Pop Station to prepare popcorn and drinks. The machine will make all for you.

Drag back the order and serve to your waiting customer to get tips. Try to get tips as more as possible every day.

Good Luck!

How to play Papa’s Hot Doggeria ?

Papa’s Hot Doggeria is played with mouse only.

What happened to my saved games ?
Papa’s Hot Doggeria game progress is normally saved somewhere on the computer, not on the website you are playing on. If you saved games are missiong, your web browser or other software on your computer has deleted your progress!

Be careful that you do not delete your cookies, and make sure the NONE of your browsers delete cookies automatically when closing!

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  9. anusha shafiq says:


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